Greeting Cards & Creative Lettering

I want to learn new skills and techniques in 2020:

Greeting Cards & Creative Lettering - $119

Show how much you care by learning how to make extra-special, uniquely-you greeting cards from scratch—and pair it with a 30-day workshop on designing bold, expressive letters.

The Whimsical Sketchbook & Imagining

I want encouragement to get started and inspiration to keep going this year:

The Whimsical Sketchbook & Imagining - $139

Awaken your creativity by learning bold art-making techniques. Served with a helping of inspiration, mindfulness tips, and techniques for fighting perfectionism from five incredible artists.

Art Supply Smorgasbord & Find Your Style

I want a deep dive into making my art more amazing immediately:

Art Supply Smorgasbord & Find Your Style - $129

Dust off those art supplies in your closet and use them to their fullest potential—then get help developing a signature style, no matter your medium of choice.

Fun and Funny & Playing

I want to use art to have more fun and be less stressed out in 2020:

Fun and Funny & Playing - $129

Get silly, make comics, and learn how to express yourself with humor. Liberate your creative mind by thinking (and drawing!) outside of the box.