Melanie: Demo Part 1

Film by Sunship Films.

Come with me as I go to a great New York park in search of stories. First stop: the fountain and the arch.

  • Once you arrive at the scene you will draw, focus on your event. It could be a landmark or an object that serves as your focal point. What catches your attention in the scene you have arrived at?
  • Look for big shapes and the scope of the drawing you are going to do.
  • What is the scale of what you are drawing?
  • Don’t worry about being exact, but give an impression of what is happening.
  • Focus on still elements of your scene first and lay down basic shapes for details to be added later.
  • Try to capture the essence of what people who are moving are doing.
  • Use basic geometric shapes if it is too challenging to capture moving people or objects.
  • Pay attention to the background and don't forget to capture the elements around and behind your event or subject.
  • Sometimes you notice something unexpected. Be open to unplanned elements. You can call more attention to something in your scene if it suddenly grabs you.