Danny: Draw and Feel - A Demonstration

Hang out with me as I create a spread in my journal.


  • Your sketchbook is the story of your life.
  • As you draw, you meditate on the things that have significance and asssociations
  • Think about meaning and feeling as you draw, not just accuracy and technique.
  • Background layer: watercolor wash in warm color.
  • Overall shape drawn with brush in gouache, cool color.
  • Consider composition. Where does the shape sit on the page?
  • Your media and colors can reflect your feelings.
  • Contour drawing begins with outside shape.
  • Measure dimensions.
  • Look for landmarks.
  • Next fill in the interior shapes.
  • Draw shapes, not things. Ignore labels, names, symbols.
  • Draw one shape, then the shape next to it.
  • Don't fret about perfection. The lines are passing through your own imperfections. That's what makes it art and a reflection of who you are and what you feel.
  • Be here now. Be you.
  • Use heavier lines to emphasize certain parts.
  • Don't overwork.
  • White charcoal pencil adds texture and dimension.
  • Ink splattered with toothbrush adds texture.
  • Write a story to accompany your drawing.
  • Make your lettering expressive. A visual element.
  • Final look: Does your drawing need a little something extra?


Discussion: Any thoughts, revelations, disagreements?